ReVenGE / Jarokoci HACK

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ReVenGE / Jarokoci HACK

Post  WarGod on Sat Aug 23, 2008 6:00 pm

I tried to act all stupid in the chat, so he wouldn't suspect me to report him, or be a GM. I also pretended that I hacked, so we could continue the conversation, so he would tell me more. Very Happy

I'll post the pictures when I have the time. In total, I have 5, I could've took more, since ReVenGE hacked a ton.

PS: If you can't see the pictures, go on Photobucket and member search: WarGodIsCool.
PSS: I couldn't get the picture of ReVenGE using the item vac, which he used to suck up mass amounts of money from Horntail.
PSSS: The picture of Jarokoci hacking was PMed to Pepsi, and removed by me from the topic because it contained "stuff" on it.


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