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[update]All the latest updates

Post  Sony on Fri Jul 25, 2008 12:23 am

Hello people of WildMS

We added/updated thous things:

new commands!
AutoMeso Pick up
Fixed Morph's
Normal Players can't use /find to find GM's
Sex Change NPC (9201035- Jacob (Amoria : Amoria) You can change
GM's can see each other in hide
Inventory slots can hold 110 instead of 100
Improved online command! (Lets you see everyone in all channels instead of 1)
Dissalowed players from using vip tele rock to warp to bosses
Morhp Seller, Mount Seller, PCMaple shop (Spindle)
11 Jails
Dragon Evolution - Mar the Fairy
PVP (Map ~ 109020001 OX Quiz *Best Map for PVP*)
Pets *fixed* (you can buy from shop and cashshop)
Wedding v2
Added Mu Lung Pot Shop in SQL's
Finding "FH" Foothold
Nx Hack (AutoBan) *Fixed*
Removed Auto Meso Pick up(D/C's when picking up)
Duey is PVP warper
Fixed Hamstring
Added Modify NX
Duplicating Stars Fix
GM's can see each other in hide *Fixed Version*
*Fixed* PVP (works now)
*Fixed* Duey warps you to PVP Map
Added all sql's that will make your server work
Fixed the Negative exp (@exp Command is kinda useless now)
Added Pet walk ways
Fixed Servermessage
Mia is Skill Maxer
Nana(H) - Nx Shop Seller (look in Shop Sql's)
*Added* !unban command (Details about it below) *Fixed Version*
*Added @pvp5 (tells you the top 5 players of pvp)
*Added* Better @Stat Command
*Added* !goto pvp
*Added* All scrolls work for GM's
*Fixed Pets*
*Fixed* a bunch of skills from dcing
*Fixed* CashShop Buff Bug
*Fixed* for pet food
*Fixed* gainfame function (Fame npc should be coco)
*Fixed* Monsters move even if your the only one on the map!!
*Added* Better Spindel
*Added* Auto Hide and Auto Haste when you log in or cc(GM's only)
*Added* GM CHat (!gmchat - !gmsg) (This is very cool)
*Added* Monster Auto aggro
*Added* !sethp and !setmp
*Added* All scrolls work for GM's, *and they don't take slots*.
*Fixed* Some commands
*Added* Jail NPC *
*Fixed* PVP Warper (Duey)
*Added* @helpwith command
*Added* Auto Congrats notice when you hit level 200
*Added* @commands and !commands
*Fixed* Mar the Fairy (Dragon Evolution person)
*Added* LMPQ (I will fix it more and make it better later)
*Added* @leavepvp

Thats all

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